From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 1)

Gwen showered after her most recent assignment, scrubbing the blood off of her skin with a luffa. Stepping from the tile shower to the rubber mat covering the deck plate, she took time to study herself in one of the bathroom’s long mirrors. There was almost no trace of the scared girl she once was, bluffing her way through her first murder. The blond braids hair had slowly become a shorter, darker and far more practical layered bob with bangs. Skin that had once been soft and pale had weathered into a rough bronze. Even the way she held herself had improved, standing taller now, confident in her body. She didn’t shy away from the word murder any more either.

Naked, except for the thick metal band that covered most of her right forearm, she watched the reflection of the irridescent numbers in the armband’s first window ticking down resolutely. 22:01:65. Twenty-two hours then until her next assignment.

Maybe she would head to the Library and study up on her adversary.

There were so many Jennys left to kill.

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