From the Library of Failure (Branch 2, Part 1)

I had another dream last night. I was standing on the back of a whale, riding it across an ocean that glowed like the night sky. I was on my way to a very important meeting, a meeting that would change everything. We were almost there when a girl stepped out of a black doorway and stabbed me. I drowned in my own blood.

Jenny frowned as she looked at what she had written. All of it was true but it looked so different once it was put down on paper.

“Jenny? Are you up? You don’t want to be late for your first day of school, do you?” Jenny’s mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Coming, Ma!” Jenny yelled back, slamming her diary shut and locking it. Her parents would freak if they ever read her diary.

She stopped on her way downstairs to look at herself in the mirror and sighed. No matter how cool her dreams were, murder notwithstanding, she was always the same in the morning.

Jenny hugged her mom good morning.

“What do you want for breakfast, dear?”

“Toast will be fine!”

Her mom scowled. Toast was not enough.

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