Welcome to my World, Edition 2

Genetic Remodification

At the time of the Great Terraforming, the technosorcerous machines revealed another quality. The Coalition had been administering vaccines in the year before the event, and hidden in those vaccines were hidden, dormant, viral nanobots. When the machines activated, a signal was emitted across the world, activating these nanoids. And people changed.

These people were transformed, becoming the mystical races that now populate the world of Salgaron. A great number of people died, their bodies being reassigned and scattered, to become new plants or lesser beasts. More than half of the eight billion humans in the world underwent this fate. Of the remaining number, a majority of people were unaffected, retaining their humanity. Others ascended.

Some were gifted with longevity and grace. They forewent technology to embrace nature. They were the elves. The remainder of humanity, as far as we know, became the deadly, brutal, primitive sentient beasts known as trolls in the common tongue.

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