Tasha had been walking along the beach, dancing to the music ppouring out of her earbuds when she saw a limp form at the edge of the water, the harsh waves crashing over it and then receding in an unmistakeable red hue. She hot footed it towards the figure. She skidded to a stop and discovered it was appeared to be a man, she wasn’t sure how old he was since his face was pressed down into the sand.

“Sir, are you alright?” Tasha asked, trying not to panic but her voice pitched up anyway.

The man moaned and limply held up a finger at her to signal to wait. Tasha arched an eyebrow and watched.

Slowly, the man pushed himself up, the waves impeding him a bit and Tasha gasped at his bruised jaw and the gash that ran down his neck to his arm.

He studied her and then grinned, “Hello, sweetie. Would you happen to know where my daughter and assassin are?”

Tasha thought he was too young to have a daughter and an assassin, “Two people were with you? I didn’t see them.”

The man’s grin widened, “Not two. Just one.”

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