All I could see at first were her eyes. Two rich chocolate drops sized me up. The rest of her figure melted into the navy and violet satin curtains. She must have decided I had the coin I’d promised, because something in her eyes became interested.

Two small hands danced around each other and were placed on the table before her to add an air of mysticism. Only when she adjusted her posture, squaring her shoulders to the crystal ball before her, did I realize she was much bigger than her tiny hands suggested.

Leaning into the light, her eyes gazing down at the ball, I focused on her nose. It was slightly crooked, as if she had been in a brawl. I decided she was not a woman I wanted to cross in a dark alley. I felt my resolve shiver.

“You did not come here with a simple question. You seek to unearth a buried secret that does not wish to rise.”

I cleared my throat and squirmed in my seat.

“Revenge is a powerful motivator,” she cut in.
I exhaled a little.
“But love is greater.” And she had me again.

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