IM from the future


Me: How’s it going?
Received 2:55 AM

Me: Who is this?
Sent 2:56 AM

Me: What do u mean?
Received 2:56 AM

Me: Ur text says it’s me.
Sent 2:57 AM

Me: Ha! Really?
Received 2:58 AM

Me: So… Who r u?
Sent 2:59 AM

Me: I’m u.
Received 2:59 AM

Me: Haha. Really?
Sent 3:00 AM

Me: Yeah.
Received 3:01 AM

Me: Ok, me… Why r u texting me?
Sent 3:02 AM

Me: I’m not sure…
Received 3:02 AM


Me: …where r u?
Received 3:04 AM

Me: @ the store.
Sent 3:04 AM

Me: What’s the date?
Received 3:05 AM

Me: June 8, 2012.

Sent 3:05 AM

Me: Time?
Received 3:05 AM

Me: 3:05 am.

Sent 3:06 AM

Me: brb…
Received 3:06 AM


Me: Don’t forget the milk.
Received 3:10 AM

Me: Thx.

Sent 3:11 AM

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