Thargelion 14, Kallias

“Damn. What do we do now, Antiphon?”

“We’ve come too far to turn back, Peisander. There is still much to gain and little to lose. I say we proceed.”

Theramenes’ chin dropped. “Without Persian support? Are you mad? Has it escaped your notice that Athens is losing the war?”

“Yes, we’re losing and if we do nothing, we will lose. This is not a time for cowardice. Alcibiades overplayed his hand and we were fools to trust him but that doesn’t mean the Persians can’t be swayed.”

Melobius chimed in, “I agree. We have to push forward. I doubt that it’ll even be difficult. Pythodorus and I have been discussing the proposed constitution. It’s a marvel of subtlety. If it’s sold right, I doubt the Assembly will grasp the nuances until it’s over and done with.”

“And where does that leave Athens in the final analysis? With no guarantee of victory, we’ll have destroyed a stable democratic government.”

Antiphon took Theramenes by the shoulder. “A government that will lose the war and cost us our lives if we let it.”

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