Tough As Nails

Boss hollered for more fuel in the nitrogen tank and an extra dozen flash-bolts for the ship’s automatic laser crossbow. After a few minutes, her orders were obeyed and a group of burly Venusites came out of the waiting room to inspect Boss’ handiwork. She knew there was no mechanic that could have done a better job of fixing a ship that was literally torn in two in that quadrant of space.

She chewed her gum noisily with her ash-covered hands on her hips as she watched the men look over every inch of the ship. Finally, one of the men came up to her with a disdainful smirk.

“What’s your price, girl?” The man said, his breath reeking like a horse’s backside.

Boss smiled, her reddish blue eyes lighting up, “10,000 galaxy notes and don’t try anything funny. Look at me and you’ll see why.”

His grin slowly vanished as he took in her Martian mauraders’ spacesuit, necklace with a royal pendant on it, her belt that came from a Gargan’s hide, & knew that he didn’t want to be a new addition to her attire. He paid.

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