You would think it would be easy to run out of ideas. But it’s not. Because ideas can be anything.

Business men in space. Underwater labs. A deadly ring is found. Traveling into the jungle. A duck held hostage by a tiger. Aliens in your head. Time travel with an actor. Description of a crush. World War III. Steampunk cities. Sense of smell being dominant on an alien planet. A tournament. A fatal disease. A death. A wedding. A birth. A revival. A crash. Strangers, pirates, fish, clones, dragons, and singers.

This list of kdeas can go on and on and on. But the problem is turning those ideas into short stories, poems, novels, songs, plays, books, rhymes, and riddles. Ideas that flow into a finished work is a beautful thing.

Now the challenge is not to find ideas. But to take an idea, or two or three or four, and weave it into a piece of magic.

So, try to take an outrageous, but perfectly usable, idea and elongate and beautify it into a work of art. A labor of love. A fountain of pure imagination.

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