Nothing Worse Than a Tangled Net

Something heavy dragged down the fishing net. Snagging a small dolphin off the coast of Andalus was common enough, the fishers just hated how time consuming it was to cut the beast free from the net. Usually, it was already drowned too.

Soon there was the sound of flip flipping fish on the deck. Still, the heavy burden on the net was unaccounted for.

Francisco’s feet got pulled out from under him. He came crashing to the hull. A thick, spine-covered, tentacle wrapped around Francisco’s legs.

Carlito dove towards Francisco and grabbed his hand. He braced himself against the mast. The strain was unbearable!

Tentacles gripped into the wood of the railings. They sensed the crew through vibration and body heat. One limb detected Francisco as the obstacle withholding its meal. The tentacle wrapped around Carlito’s chest.

Carlito’s and Francisco came apart violently. Carlos’s elbow broke. There was much screaming. Then there was a splash.

Then silence… and the flip flopping of fish on the deck.

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