On the Market

It had been a busy week: she’d had her teeth whitened, removed four tattoos, dyed her hair back to its natural color, and gotten her optical implants updated. She’d also lost 4 pounds, working furiously over the past month in the fitness center on the ground floor of her apartment building. Her body had never looked more toned. She almost didn’t want to leave it.

But, it made her feel better to think that someone, somewhere was doing much the same thing. Or, at least, they should be or she wouldn’t buy. She scrolled through dozens of listings in her head while working out, winnowing down the selections: That one was too old; that one was short; that one had a weird mole; that one lived too far from downtown.

It was nerve-wracking, packing her memories away for transmission, selling or recycling the bulky stuff that couldn’t come with and get reprinted. The mortgage would be tough to swing, but rates were low and there were jobs on the planet she had in mind. Still, she hoped she was doing the right thing.

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