Ice-Chewing for Fun and Profit

Michael McDermott, announcer for the Krazy Games, walked across the tons of snow that filled the hockey rink. Despite the heat and the sun, it was still firmly packed and bitterly cold. He brought the cordless microphone up to his lips and flashed a brilliant smile of perfect white teeth.

“Welcome everybody to the Snooooow Pit. Buried in this virgin powder, are a number of colored rings, like this on.” He held up a plastic neon orange ring. “The object of the game is to find them. The catch is, they can’t use their hands!”

The crowd, urged by neon signs, cheered and waved their arms, some for their teams, others just for the chance to be seen on T.V..

Operators panned cameras around, showcasing each contestant for the millions of people watching at home. The players were dressed for summer- hard bodies and swim suits, which the crowd loved.

“Remember,” continued Michael, “The winner of today not only earn fifty-thousand dollars but moves on to the next challenge. Now let’s get KA-RAZY and EAT SOME ICE!”

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