From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 2)

“Rewind.” Gwen watched the two figures reappear onscreen, holding hands. They ran backwards together until they disappeared out of frame. “Play.”

It was grainy security camera footage that had been filtered and remastered to make it as clear as possible. Horizontal lines still flickered occasionally. The camera was focused on a store called Radio Shack. Some motion caught the camera’s attention causing it to pan upward towards the roof. Two girls ran into frame, hand in hand.

“Pause.” Frozen in mid step, Gwen could see that the one in the lead one was more mature. Together they looked almost like a mother with her daughter.

“Play.” The two figures resumed their frantic flight. As they reached the edge of the building, both of them slid aviator goggles over their eyes. They leaped- and disappeared in a flash of purple light.


Gwen cracked her knuckles and started to pace.

Two of them? Together? What did it mean?

For the first time in two years, Gwen felt the flutterings of uncertainty.

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