Stop Copying Me

I think I’m going to sue. Everybody juggles like me, these days. No credit on the web site, and never mind a royalty check. But, it was me, you know? I went first under the skullcap. I saw years of practice get siphoned into cruddy little thumb drives. Now, they sell me down at the mall next to the buckwheat pillows and remote control helicopters.

I never thought it would work, so I never got serious about what I signed. They paid me for my time at the lab, but that’s it. I mean, sure, it’s only juggling, but I was one of the best.

Of course, you’re really good at it now, too, aren’t you? Oh, you want me to stop throwing things at you? But, you’re doing great! You can’t not catch and toss back as long as I keep going, can you? Yeah, that’s a little quirk in the system they don’t like to squawk about. It’s like the red shoes, right? You can’t stop once you put ’em on.

All the people in this crowd think we’re doing a weird art piece. But me? I’ve had it. I’m going to do this until I drop. Or, until you do.

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