Bandits of the Scale Crags

The Scale Crags were known for bandit activity. Geld was the guide to get you through them. His cost was high, but he got you to the coast two weeks earlier… and alive.

Midway through the mountainous pass, raiders descended from above. Their scales reflected the scorching sun. Wings, too small to support flight, were used to glide instead, their skin membrane sounding like canvas rippling in the desert wind.

“Payment of passage,” the pterodrake said, as it landed. One hand held a sword, the other sparked with electricity.

“Of course,” Geld responded.

The camels snorted and shifted as dozens of pterodrakes landed around the caravan. They took what they needed, then leaped off the opposite ridge. Their wings caught warm wind currents, and they glided away with their loot.

“This isn’t good for business,” commented a merchant.

“Other raiders would have killed some of us and taken more,” Geld replied. “The pterodrakes kill other bandits in this region. Which option do you think is better for business, hm?”

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