From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 3)

If Jenny Everywhere could contact her other selves or help them directly, then what chance did Gwen have of surviving her assignments. If even one of them figured out they were being hunted, the results would be disasterous. Uncertainty turned to an icy fear that shot through her, finding fertile ground in her imagination.

In her mind’s eye, waves of Jenny’s began to march accompanied by machines of war. Tanks and giant mechs thundered by, while helicopters, airplanes and sleek UFOs buzzed overhead. Gwen knew each was piloted by a grim-faced Jenny. Stranger incarnations joined the column of destruction- Jenny’s wielding elemental magics, runes, or powers of Light and Darkness. Each version was slightly different, but so much the same and all of them were ready to go to war, even the ones that would fight with spear, tooth, or claw.

It was too much! Gwen formed a panicky oblivion ring and shoved images into it until every last Jenny was gone.

Taking a shaky breath, she decided it was time to see N again.

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