From the Library of Failure (Branch 2, Part 3)

Despite a rocky start, the day ended up being quite satisfactory. Jenny was looking forward to her classes. Most of it was the basic freshmen lineup: Algebra, English, Foreign Language (Latin), Art, and P.E. (Track and Field). The only exception was AP History. She loved History. There was something about the past that really resonated with her. Her imagination invigorated even the dryest textbook making it come alive in her mind. That probably explained her love for sci-fi and fantasy novels too.

Jenny was a little sad that she only shared the first class of the day with Gracie but hoped that they would both meet some new friends. She’d always secretly wanted to be the leader of a group, but her neighborhood never had enough people her age.

When they met for lunch, Gracie pointed out cute boys, much to Jenny’s chagrin. None of them intrigued her as much as they did Gracie, who seemed determined to get both of them boyfriends this year.

It had been a good day, even if it had really begun with her death.

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