“OOOOOO” Squealed the boy with joy. “It lives!” His proclamation was to everyone, and no one in particular. His hands waived around wildly swaying to the rhythm of his laughter. “I made it! I made it!” He boasted proudly, tugging on his fathers long silk robe. “Look, I made it!”

His fathers voice was deep, a deafening rumble that sounded like two planets colliding with every word. “So you did.” he said , smiling down at his son. The scars that decorated his body served as all the proof needed to validate the whispers of his reputation. Stronger than any other, but ever so gentle with his first born. “And what shall you call it?” His eyes were fixed, it truly was a work of art. The tiny blue orb sat in his sons palm, radiating.

His sons eyes soaked in the blue orbs glow, his excitement pushing the to appear larger still. “Earth” came the electrified whisper. “I shall name it Earth.”

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