Scene One [Classy Porn challenge]

“Neil, move the light and reflector over there, this is suppose to be daytime. Thank you.
Connie, are you ready?”
Connie, nude, legs crossed, sitting on a lawn chair, turned down the page of the magazine she was reading. “I suppose,” she said, standing. “Where do you want me?”
“Over here, leaning over the sink. We’ll get a close up of your genitals from the rear. Pretend you’re brushing your teeth.”

Connie leans across the sink and brushes her teeth.

“Lights, camera – action! Cut! Dammit. Connie your ass looks like a waffle. What the hell were you sitting on?”

Orlando, the sound man, holds up the lawn chair Connie was sitting on.

“Oh, great. Dud, can we air brush this out?”

Dudley shakes his head.

“Shit! Okay, meet here again tomorrow night at 8:00, we’ll try again."

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