From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 4)

Gwen left her room with a purposeful stride that became a run anytime she let her attention wander. Doors to other living quarters dotted the hallway seemingly at random. Although there were many doors, she had never seen another person besides N in the two years she had been stationed at the Library. She assumed that there were other agents just like her, out there murdering Jenny’s.

One windowless hallway led to another before she arrived at the lift. The doors were open as if anticipating her arrival. Stepping inside, she used the touchscreen to highlight the area in Operations marked Director before hitting the green button that read GO.

While she waited for the lift to circle to the east, she zoomed the screen as far out as it would go and admired the shape of the building. According to the computer, the Library looked like a giant golden acorn. There was something pleasing in the smooth contours and the cap made it distinctive. Nature had created something that managed to be both bullet and shield.

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