Claws & Fangs & Poison (Part 1)

Claws and fangs
and poison dripping from their lips
without any of them realizing
although they rip and bite and infect

They expect you to be blind
Just like them, until someone makes them turn over
And you see the bitter truth of the covered side
You see and know that it can never be only roses and light ever again

A house full of kind, cheery, glowing faces
An unnoticed veil lifted and burned
And the shock seeps into your bones and floods your heart
You can’t believe your eyes and you feel like you will implode

The veil had mercifully masked the truth and you wish you still wore it
The people were mutated, with claws and hooks and fangs and toxic spit
They attacked each other with blindfolds, you notice your own cuts
Cuts, and shreds of flesh, bruises, and oozing yellow pus, burns, and assortments of scars

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