Not What You Expect

You hear a shuffling above you. It draws your attention.

Now you hear it. Distinct separate beats. Footsteps.

You advance to the stairs. You climb. A creak from beneath you gives you pause. No response. The shuffling continues.

You’re on the landing now. You stop. Listen. The noise is coming from the bedroom.

Your back is against the wall. You edge closer. A blur of colour passes the base of the door. A crashing noise.

You burst through the door, looking left to your wardrobe. You are immediately taken in by what you see there. It appears as a cat, but purple. Shades of pink and blue are spread throughout its irridescent coat. Its eyes are large, gleaming voids. They draw you in, and swallow your soul. You feel a stirring in your heart.

That night, the creature sleeps on your bed. By morning it has gone. You cannot find it. You would never think to look where it is hiding.

You are for the Maquin now. And soon it shall emerge, leaving little purple hairs in the hole in your chest.

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