From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 5)

Gwen arrived at N’s office as the timer on her wrist ticked down to 18:31:10. N wasn’t her boss’ real name but it was all she had ever known and somehow the single letter fit her perfectly.

N sat behind her desk, typing into the computer imbedded in the dark wood. She was a dark woman, whose gray bunned-hair suited her like an accent. Dressed in a colorful, loose cotton blouse, her only jewelry consisted of a jade bracelet. She was striking, if no longer beautiful and even that was mostly due to the jagged, L-shaped scar that stretched from eye to mouth.

Behind her, dozens of screens played silently. Each one appeared to be looping on some tragedy and in every single one of them, a Jenny was prominent on the screen. A lunar colony imploded. Dinosaurs tore into a squad of unbelieving police. The Statue of Liberty exploded.

Outside the need for technology, N kept the room as stark as she kept herself: desk, potted plant, and a case with nine items on display.

“Never forget she is a terrorist, Agent Zero.”

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