Are you aluminum or steel?

In a remote village in Bangladesh, a metal man baffles scientists

It took us 12 hours from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, to reach the tiny, isolated village of Habari. When we arrived, world-renowned doctors, scientists and even a geologist had packed themselves into a tiny hut like a can of sardines. They were all there to see the man made of metal, Karim Khadul.

“The first time I saw him, I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” Dr. Killinger said, “he defies everything we know about science and medicine.” Dr. Killinger was one of the first doctors to reach the tiny village after Khadul had made his condition public. But just what is Khadul’s condition? 24 hours ago, Dr. Killinger and his peers held a conference. “After 12 hours of tireless studies, the only thing we know for sure is that Mr. Khadul’s skin tissue is made of real metal. We’re analyzing a sample to find out what minerals make up his skin.”

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