I gave you a huge hug. I didn’t even realize how much I had missed you, and needed you, until I saw you. I felt you squeeze me back with tenderness and disbelief that this hug was even possible. Sadly, impropriety meant the moment could not last.

I wanted to take your hand at dinner, but we were politely seated across from each other and the conversation danced around the elephant in the centerpiece between us. How I longed for dessert to be over and night to fall and the talking to stop where we could be alone together in the dark.

I took you with me to my room, closed the door and sighed. I whispered every deep and true thought of my heart into your unconditionally loving ear. You were warm beside me and soft.

Everything was nearly perfect. I showed you the progress I had made towards our dreams, assuring you that now we could work on them together and things would go faster.

Unfortunately, when the sun rose in the morning, you were merely a dream.

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