The Buzz of Bozza Bogs

Within the peatlands of Tirnaland, there exists a place called the Bozza Bogs.

Men have entered the Bozza perfectly sane, only to exit and commit murder. Others have gone into them and never returned. Those who make it out, with their wits mostly intact, speak of hearing the voices of whispering mosquitos in their ears for weeks.

The fey races that live amongst the human know the truth. They tell tales of tainted sprites with long, thin, black limbs, fingers and toes; with sharp teeth and no lips; with hairless bodies and veins that flow red under their semi-translucent skin after they feed on blood.

They’re of the Unseelie Court. Fey call them “bozza sprites”. Modern slang calls them “skeets”. Then there are naturalists who have documented the sprites in their journals as “mosquito faeries”.

Regardless of the name they’re given, they’ve claimed the Bozza Bogs as their own, and travellers passing through them are considered trespassers… and bozza sprites are known for holding a grudge.

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