Running From A Friend

She was running with all her might, away from the worst person who she had ever met. She could hear his light footfalls and soft laughter as she pounded through the empty road. She didn’t care if the gang members saw her or if she got mugged or if the soldiers took her to the correctional facility again. She needed to get as far away from him as possible.

After what seemed like an eternity though, she hadn’t lost him and he hadn’t gained any ground on her. But she had been locked up in a tiny cell for the past six months and he had been used to running for those months. With a cry of frustration, she collapsed to the ground and curled up in a ball, sobbing her heart out. Her cries echoed off the abandoned buildings all around them.

He stopped right next to her and sighed in relief. He picked her up gently and carried her back to his house while she cried.

“It will all be better once you go to sleep. I’ll protect you no matter who the soldiers made you think I am. I will not hurt you.” The man whispered.

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