June 14, 2012

He slowly became aware of the vibrant melodies of warblers singing in the trees outside in the dawn light. Without opening his eyes, he assessed his physical status and found that he was not comfortable in the least. His neck was sore and pressure against his right cheek was mashing the flesh up into his eye socket. Something solid and flat pressed against his chest, knees and the tops of his feet. He couldn’t feel his right arm at all.

Gingerly, he cracked open his left eye. He was lying face down on the oak floor which seemed to account for the pressure and the sore neck. How long had he been like that? He couldn’t remember. He turned onto his back, hurting his right shoulder. He was lying on something. He felt around as best he could with one arm. Ah, so that’s where his completely numb right arm was. He extracted it.

His smartphone lay close at hand on the floor. He picked it up and flipped the display on to check the time. 7:30 am Thursday. Thursday? How could it be Thursday? Where had Wednesday gone?

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