If You Run Out of Problems...

“How are things today, Johnson?”
“Uh, fine sir.” the man stuttered.
“Come on! I’m here to check up on things. Fill me in.”
Johnson shuffled a bit on his feet.
“That’s just the thing, sir. Nothing is wrong.”
“Shipments are full and on schedule. Product has no flaws – we’ve performed extra quality checks to ensure its not an anomaly. I hate to sound overly positive, but everything is perfect!”
Johnson certainly didn’t look overly positive. He actually cringed a little.
“What about deployment?”
Johnson handed over a clipboard.
“All employees on time, in dress code, and working at maximum efficiency. On top of that, they’re all cheerful.”
“Huh…” several sheets were flipped through.
Johnson brightened a bit at the lack of response. He must have expected to be held responsible for something so utterly outlandish.
“If you don’t need me, sir, I’ll head back to my position.”
“Go ahead, I need to report this.” he replied, making a call on speed dial.

“This is Michaels. Sir, we have a problem…”

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