Welcome to my World, Edition 3


Of the two races that humans evolved into at the time of The Great Terraforming, the most radical changes were suffered by those who became trolls.

Trolls, unlike the grubbly, hunched beings of old myth, are great, herculean beasts. Long, muscular limbs, each consisting of four bones the size of an adult male humerus. Long, thin digits, ending in mighty claws, all the better to skewer their prey. Their thick hides are a deep crimson, though most trolls are tattooed.

But the most distinctive features of trolls are their heads. They greet you with a wide grin, bearing only the front row of fangs, fourty six enamel knives. Their eyes are four in number and seem to glow a surreal purple. And to top it off, their ears, each longer than a grown man’s arm, are muscular, with acute, hardened tips, capable of impaling their enemies. The red skin gradually becomes a shade of green as the ears taper, and when they stab you, they secrete a poison that will kill you slowly and painfully.

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