Elsha's Boys

My two little boys are having a discussion over breakfast. The 9 year old is telling the 5 year old he will have his ‘golden birthday’ when he is 19 (his birthdate is the 19th).

5 year old asks about his ‘golden birthday’. The 9 year old informs him he already had it (his birthdate is on the 1st), so the little guy asks, “When am I gonna have it again?”

Big brother sagely replies “When you are reincarnated”

I think he watches too many cartoons!

Playing a CD in my car:

5 year old: I can’t ENJOY this song!
Me: Really? Why?
Him: It is WEIRD to my EARS!

I guess we all have some kind of sounds we hate..

Husband and I turned the car radio to classical music and snickered, waiting quietly to see how long until the boys noticed. After about 3 seconds 9 year old says, “Not this ice skating music!” and 5 year old replies, “That’s not ice skating music, it’s snore music!”

Clearly, we need to work on his classical education!

Inspired by ’Jo’s Boys’ by Louisa may Alcott

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