The Subsuming of Borrstekh

Xanynhakh was vexed. The upstart, Ini-Herit, had led his forces to assault him. Ancient Necrontyr codes of honour forbade such assaults in times of greater war. The Cryptoch could wait. Tradition must be enforced.

The Annihilator quickly surveyed the battlefield and analysed four key locations that would help him claim victory. He was just discussing battle tactics with his voiceless battle advisor, Varyozh, when the first Borrstekh troops appeared at the tree line, readying their gauss flayers to fire upon the derelict hamlet.

Then it appeared, the great weapon known as Ini-Herit’s reckoning. A doomsday ark. Essentially a giant cannon that could move, it was not to be taken lightly. But Xanynhakh Planetbane could not help but be struck by envy. He resolved that he would have one.

Recognising his Phaeron’s stupour, Varyozh leveled his gauss flayer, and shot the mighty skimmer. Such was the aim Szeras had given him, the shot wrecked the internal mechanisms of the tank. Victory was assured.

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