Zebra Chunks

I was so sure the lioness had snapped my neck.

The first thing I had noticed was the smell. Heaven shouldn’t smell like burning. Oh yeah, sacrifices. But those were so centuries ago.

Then I heard a low humming. I thought angels sang and played harps. This raspy voice was not sweet.

I began to feel my limbs, though most of them were numb. As I became self-aware I had the overwhelming desire to open my eyes.

A dark body with white paint lines for covering moved toward me. I saw the whites of two eyes and pointy teeth loom over me. I think I yelped. The being clicked over me and bared its teeth in creepy smiles.

A woven leaf plate was offered to me when I sat up and a crude cup of some liquid which appeared to be steeped leaves. I tried a sip, being completely parched. It was quite bitter. I spit it back into the cup. The dark being snorted. I couldn’t tell if it laughed or thought I was rude.

I pushed the contents of the plate around. One one side I spied stripes. Zebra Chunks.

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