The Battle Continues

The tickle of Varyozh’s mind brought Xanynhakh out of his reverie. Assessing the battlefield, he quickly determined that Ini-Herit was not in a state of mind where he’d just let it slide if someone took one of his toys. Or blew it up.

Now we strike!

His oil was boiling. He barely had to think before Kileron directed the Annihilation Barge towards the enemy footsoldiers, and Fikeron prepared the tesla barrage that would destroy them.

He detected unsolicited weapon discharges. He was with ten men – half his army. It seemed the rest of the strike force was encountering more rebellion from the local rabble. He turned towards the Immortals to see them exchanging volleys with Deathmarks.

Deathmarks! To use such assassins against other Necrons? The upstart’s honour had been questionable, now The Annihilator knew that Ini-Herit had no honour. And an overlord without honour has no place in the world.

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