The Wildwoods

I met a weird medley of people
this week.
Quick glances and sideways
stares were the only communication
we shared.
Between you and me,
I could have done without them.

The ocean has this unknown
appeal to it.
What lies under those
serene tides?
Those boats in the distance
speckle the evening horizon with
an eerie glow,
but I don’t mind.

I stood on the shores
during the midnight hour,
my feet itching to carry me further into
the crashing waves waiting
to rock me into a permanent

And another thing.
Between you and me,
I may never
watch another sunrise on the beach.
I may never sleep on a creaky bed,
waking up every hour
as my friends toss and turn below me.
And I definitely may never
spend far too much money
on a henna tattoo
(applied by a rather handsome fellow)
that will just wash off anyways.

If I ever play another board game,
it will be too soon.

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