Secret Identity Blues

“I just used my control over interdimensional vibrations to disrupt Dr. Malevolo’s cosmic tuning fork.” said Jenny Everywhere, defender of all that is good and just.

“Sounds good to me,” said the Sea-Queen. “But wait, you said a date with Paul tonight. How can you keep it without giving away your secret identity?”

“That’s easy. I just got one of my counterparts to fill in for me.”

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, Paul Drake, famous scientist, was having dinner with his girlfriend, Amelia J. McKay, test pilot. “So,” he said, “what did you think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

“I, uh… I haven’t seen it yet.”

“No, we saw it together just yesterday. You’ve always got your head in the clouds.” He smiled gently. “Remember?”

“Well…” She seemed to stare into the distance. “I thought it was kind of racist. That part with Mickey Rooney?”

“What? The director changed that after you save his life, remember?”

Then she flickered. Clearly he’d drunk too much, because for a moment he could have sworn she was a dragon.

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