From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 6)

Once again N had preempted her. She always seemed to be expecting her. Gwen dragged her finger across the face of the glass case, past the three objects on the top shelf. Shattered goggles, a half-burned scarf, and a dented toaster all had lived there for as long as Gwen could remember.

Gwen stood in front of N’s desk and crossed her arms.

“You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” N asked gently.

“No. Yes. I don’t know. I was studying some footage we have on file from a surveillance camera and I came across something that bothered me. It looked like one Jenny, an older one, helped the original from that universe escape.”

N closed her eyes and took a deep breath. From the way her eyes moved behind the closed lids, Gwen had the impression that N was reviewing pages and pages of data in her mind. “E122-JEH. Radio Shack security camera.” N said crisply.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Gwen was surprised. Her own memory was good, very good even, but couldn’t keep track of all those files. “I thought it might be a problem.”

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