The ravals rummaged through the corpses littering the battlefield. Whatever feud happened here had left enough bodies to feed them all comfortably.

The raval is a breed of paravian: wingless bird-canines. They have toothed beaks, talons instead of paws, and are covered in glossy, black feathers.

Few animals forage the fiendish wastelands of Odlund, but raval packs make meals of even dead devils. This accounts for the fact that they are prolific asymptomatic carriers of disease.

The alpha raval had already teared into a dead warrior. His beak had no trouble tearing the leather armour straps and under-padding. The corpse’s torso was split apart. Half of his ribs were picked clean.

Three puplings played tug-of-war with a barbarian’s severed arm, yipping and cawing playfully.

One corpse rose and shambled towards the puplings. They scattered, and three females quickly swarmed the undead: its ankles were snapped, and its head decapitated within seconds.

The puplings returned and began eating.

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