From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 7)

N leaned forward. “Don’t worry. You more than anyone else should be aware that we’re solving our problems one Jenny at a time. Each one you’ve dispatched is one that can no longer trouble us. So what are you afraid of?”

Gwen shifted uneasily. “If they can help each other- doesn’t that change everything? I mean, where’s my help? Who can I call on?”

Her boss raised a perfect eyebrow. “You have me. I’m keeping track of the bigger picture, not only that, but I’ve given you access to technology that duplicates the only thing that makes Jenny. . . special. The fact that you are feeling fear for the first time changes nothing. None of them are aware that we are eradicating them from, well, from everywhere.” Cruelty defined her smile.

Wasn’t there anybody else? Gwen voiced a question that had never occurred to her before. “What if I fail?”

“You won’t. Never underestimate the power of information and the element of surprise. Even if you had those alone, you’d still have the upper hand on every assignment.”

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