From the Library of Failure (Branch 2, Part 7)

Why would anyone break her bank, glue it back together, and then leave drop it on the floor? Jenny shook her head. It boggled the mind.

She decided her mom was right- now was as good a time as any to check her savings. She walked to her desk and used the corner to crack open the bank.

Jenny gasped as sand poured out like water. She thrust the offending object over her desk before it made a bigger mess on the carpet. There was no sign of the hundreds of dollars she had saved up over the years. Someone had stolen her money. Dumping the rest of the sand onto her desk, she watched it mount up in disbelief. A small white scrap of paper floated out last.

It turned out to be a note that read: Sorry, I had to borrow some money. I’ll explain later. Don’t worry though, you’ll get it back when you need it.

All her money had been replaced by a pile of sand and a stupid note.

The stunned girl sank down to sit on the bed and dusted the grit off her hands. Who would do this to her? And why? It didn’t make any sense.

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