The Banks of The River

There was a river in the middle of the Amazon jungle that is the stuff of legend. It has been said to be sacred, cursed, alien, sentient, and many other things. The agencies of the world have deemed it off-limits until their scientists can study it.

The river itself is unlike anything you’ll ever see. The water shines a million different colors all at once like shards of stained glass. The water is told to be the fountain of youth and sunken treasures are deep below the surface. The fog that rises up from it every dawn is a mint color, that sparkles and permeates everything. If you breathe in the fog, legend has that, your body will be cleansed of every impurity.

The river is covered by low-hanging trees which makes it impossible to fly over. The only other problem with this river, is that the banks guard it. If you are foolish enough, or perhaps brave enough, to step foot onto those banks you will vanish. You will be erased from the face of the planet in vain pursuit of the coveted secrets of the river.

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