Tea? Or...?

It had been too long a time since I had last seen Mr. Peter Johnson, and so I kissed him affectionately when he appeared.

“Hello, Kitty,” he smiled, recovering. “May I come in?”

“Please do,” said I, and he entered.

It was not long after that there came a tapping at my back door. It was Mr. Richard Cox, who was wont to arrive unannounced. Still, I enjoyed his company and allowed him inside.

There was some awkwardness and a bit of discomfort at first in hosting two gentlemen simultaneously, but it was not at all unpleasant and we three made the most of the situation.

They were quite different in their approaches. Mr. Johnson, as was his custom, was straight to business, while the more curious Mr. Cox poked about playfully at us both.

In the end it was a pleasant afternoon, although the time passed far too quickly. As my two gentleman callers withdrew, I thanked them.

“My dear Peter, gentle Dick,” I said, “it was so very wonderful of you both to come today.”

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