“There’s no getting away from us this time!” Benny chuckled as he swiped the shoes off the two bound and gagged members of the Green Arrows. Lacking the traditional power line to throw the shoes over bolero-style with laces tied together here at Camp Wawateeko, he launched them into the forest.

Meanwhile, Nolan stared at the squirming, helpless captives in the beam of the flashlight. He’d never gotten back at anyone before. He’d also never done anything so mean. He wasn’t sure if he should feel proud that the two were getting what was coming to them, or sorry for them.

Realizing that his friend was on the brink of remorse, Benny grabbed him and led him back toward the cabins. Upon entering camp, the boys pulled off their ski masks and burned them in the dwindling camp bonfire. “Listen, don’t worry about it. Someone will find them, okay. And if you’re questioned, play dumb. We slept outside by this fire the whole night.”

Benny stretched out on a picnic table. Nolan listened to him snore.

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