From the Library of Failure (Branch 1, Part 8)

N stood up and stretched like a cat. “That being said, if it worries you, then my advice is to practice more.” She walked around the desk in a hip swaying prowl that Gwen envied. Somehow it managed to encompass sex and danger in equal parts. “The risk of her interference has been there from the beginning. I chose not to burden you with unlikely possibilites. As it stands, I have several projects running, whose sole purpose is to keep her busy. As long as your work continues to be adequate, there’s no reason to transfer you to a division that expects a much higher casualty rate.”

Gwen barely kept from flinching. Adequate? N was even more difficult to please than she had thought.

The dark woman smiled as if she could read Gwen’s thoughts. She placed a too-warm hand on Gwen’s shoulder. “You’ll be fine. You were born for this job.”

Neither the words, nor the act, made Gwen feel any better.

With nothing else to say, Gwen let N guide her to the door.

“Get some rest, Agent. You have a busy day ahead of you.”

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