Political Promises

He stood in front of the men. Thirty thousand of them, all prepared to rebel with him. But not until he inspired them.

“I know this isn’t easy for you. Your whole lives, you’ve been taught to follow the king. And there is nothing wrong with that. Honour and loyalty to your liege is no poor trait. But the king has gone mad! And in his self-destructive rampage, he will drag this country into anarchy. He will leave an abyss that can only be filled with rioting and wanton violence. It is your homes that will be sacked, and your families that will be killed! Let’s put an end to that future! I will give you peace! I will give you safety! I will deliver you the head of the king!”

He surveyed the crowd. They were with him, but they wanted more.

“And every one of you gets a jetski! And a mansion! And a million pounds!”

That ought to do the trick.

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