Dialogue in the City of Dreams

“Would it have made a difference?”
“And we wouldn’t have shared a perfect night.”
“True, but… H. Why?”
“Did you enjoy last night?”
“Of course I did. I kissed you didn’t I? I meant that.”
“And so did I. My heart nearly exploded.”
“But… why?”
“Do you want to go for a drink tonight?”
“No… Yes… I don’t know… I can’t talk to you any more.”

“Are you still there?”
“I loved last night. I’ve never danced like that before. I’ve never felt so welcome anywhere. I’ve never danced with anyone like you before.”
“They thought you were a guy.”
“Nobody told them that.”
“H. Stop a moment. I’m sure you’ve done that a thousand times, but it’s never been done to them before. Never been done to me before.”
“Pauline, it’s who I am. What you saw last night is me. You’ll never know how sorry I am that it hurt you.”

“Still there?”
“Yeah… You want that drink?”
“Your place?”

“Thank you.”

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