My Babysitter

The girl sat tapping her pencil in between her teeth as she decided what to say in her letter to the President of the United States. She needed to explain her dire situation before the babysitter woke up from her nap on the couch downstairs. Finally, she began with nervous, scratchy handwriting.

Dear President,

I am writing because we have a crisis on our hands. I believe that your United States is being invaded by aliens! I happened to uncover this plot because I have been able to observe my babysitter in close quarters and have seen through her disguise and lies.

She mumbles things in Martian in her sleep. She only eats fish fingers and custard like that guy on that weird Doctor show. She lives in Nevada for half of the year, probably to plot our demise with her alien family. Suspicious, right?

(By the way, I used my dictionary to use big words like you do :D I know you don’t understand small words like normal people because you are so amazing and smart.)

Thank you for reading this,

Lilly A. Blakeway

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