Worm Food

Joey “the Slick” Lema and Mason “the Bull” Malleti had a gruesome task to do, but as mooks of the Carnosa family, it was their duty.

Bull reached into the wagon, grabbed a black rubber bag, and pulled it towards him. With a heave, the two mooks lifted the package.

They walked into a cave. Their secret cave. Its interior was still lit with a reddish hue from the sunset. They stopped at a pit.

Bull unzipped the bag and pulled out a corpse.

They looked into the pit. A mangy canine circled below. It had been stuck down the thirty-foot hole for months. The beast detected their approach and made a series of slurping sounds. A dozen maggot heads swayed hungrily out of the things neck where a wolf head should have been.

“This guy’s worm food,” Bull grunted. They tossed the body into the pit.

The carrion mongrel immediately sunk its maggot heads into the corpse and began devouring it.

“Do you have to say that every time?” Slick asked.

“Yup,” Bull patted his hands proudly, “every single goddamn time.”

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