Beyond the elevator doors there were no cameras, no decor, just a space and a huge steel door. On each side of the door was a small box containing a flat screen button display. In the middle was a huge wheel, like a long-handled ship’s wheel.

“A vault door? Seriously?”

“Can you find the codes?” Fetus asked Acrylic. I looked over the keypanels. The last person to use this probably didn’t wipe it off. While the two of them ran scans, I reached into Fetus’ back pocket and stole her make-up compact.

“No one is that pasty! Watch and learn.”

Opening it, I used one of the oldest tricks in the book, blowing the fine powder over the panels to see which buttons still had fingerprints on them.

“This one is E, R, Y C, B.” I called out. I did the other one. “This one is the same!”
“Oh you’ve GOT to be kidding me!” Acrylic would have raised an eyebrow if he had any.
“What?” I asked, unsure if he discovered something besides the code.
They punched in the password together and I spun the wheel.

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