Breach of All Tolerance

I gazed in stupefied disbelief.
“You’re pregnant?
Sara’s hand had not left her flat abdomen since she told me. Jack and Carol both stared intently at me in a disturbing way.
“Well it’s not mine!” I declared. “You dumped me, remember? Four months ago?”
“Seth,” Sara began calmly, like talking to a wild animal.
“What?” I spat. “You split after those ridiculous rumors cropped up, even though you said you didn’t believe them. My reputation is dirt now, but I’m not going to get pinned with this when it’s not my problem! What’s the point in telling me when Jack is your new golden boy?”
“Jack wasn’t as careful as you.” Sara explained, “This is his mistake, and it was Carol who started the rumors because she was jealous of you and me.”
My stomach burned with hot acid anger. “So, it all comes out. Your point?”
Sara took Carol and Jack’s hands. “The point is that we’ve forgiven each other.”
“So, you think I’m going to join your little club of forgiveness after all this shit? Think again!” and I stormed off in fury.

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